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@  set2love : (21 October 2014 - 11:11 AM) No pastries, its bikini season
@  eyoismos : (17 October 2014 - 09:02 AM) maybe the mums can bring a kritikia for the koumparo wink
@  eyoismos : (17 October 2014 - 09:01 AM) ciao bella ...and ditto to you ... though i cant fathom why your 10am tyropita should disrupt our chat :)
@  set2love : (17 October 2014 - 08:59 AM) @ the moment the mums are in Kriti
@  set2love : (17 October 2014 - 08:58 AM) My 10am is here....have a great weekend all...eyo take the mrs shopping and them dinner to celebrate the birthdays ( you can buy yourself something too lol)
@  eyoismos : (17 October 2014 - 08:56 AM) so where in greece did the mum go ? if i remember correctly the family is from kerkyra or somewhere around there
@  set2love : (17 October 2014 - 08:56 AM) I need to find him a wife, time for him to settle down
@  set2love : (17 October 2014 - 08:55 AM) His contract was over... And he didnt want to resign...his been homesick
@  eyoismos : (17 October 2014 - 08:54 AM) damn ... its bad enough with spellcheck .. but i also have to contend with confused fingers
@  set2love : (17 October 2014 - 08:53 AM) We are having him over for a sunday bbq...unfortunately we cant take him out because our baby sitters are having fun overseas lol
@  eyoismos : (17 October 2014 - 08:53 AM) so why he leave ... to many protests that made him think for a momnet he was back in greece ?
@  eyoismos : (17 October 2014 - 08:52 AM) double whammy by your gf ...nice :)
@  set2love : (17 October 2014 - 08:52 AM) Yes he was working in HK
@  eyoismos : (17 October 2014 - 08:51 AM) wasnt your koumparo in china or something ?
@  set2love : (17 October 2014 - 08:50 AM) The mums wont be back till mid november :(
@  set2love : (17 October 2014 - 08:49 AM) My gf is having twins ( major ouch)
@  set2love : (17 October 2014 - 08:49 AM) my koumbaro is back in Australia for good
@  eyoismos : (17 October 2014 - 08:48 AM) *fun ...gamo ta petsina mou ... bloody spellcheck
@  eyoismos : (17 October 2014 - 08:47 AM) so set ... whats the latest gossip ? (not that i would know anybody that you might want to scandal about ...but it should be fin)
@  set2love : (17 October 2014 - 08:47 AM) :yahoo:  :yahoo:  :yahoo:  :yahoo:

Help Topic: IP.Shoutbox

IP.Shoutbox allows forum members to communicate with each other in an easy to use way. It is similar to a chat-room, but does not require Java, Flash or any other browser dependency! The Shoutbox is updated real-time, meaning any new Shouts someone makes will appear on everyones page at once, you do not need to refresh!

General Features
  • Each member can have their own preferences such as "Hide Refresh Button" or "Disable Enter Key from sending the shout" (shouts can only be sent via the actual button instead, useful for large paragraph shouts!);
  • If a member hovers their mouse over the corner of the global 'shout area', a double arrow appears. If a member clicks and drags that double arrow, they can resize the Shoutbox to their liking! Please note this feature is for the global shoutbox only
  • Ability to use Smilies and BBCODE if the administrator allows them.

Quick Commands
IP.Shoutbox has several Quick Commands that can be used to make certain actions perform in a faster way, here is a list that explains how to use them properly:
  • /announce [Announcement Text] - This will update the announcement in your Shoutbox without having to go to the Admin CP
  • /archive - Launches the Shoutbox Archive window (only if member has permission to view it!)
  • /ban [name] - This will ban a member from the Shoutbox (only moderators with correct permissions can use this command)
  • /moderator member [id|name] - This will launch the appropriate moderator options for that particular member
  • /moderator shout [id] - This will launch the appropriate moderator options for that particular shout
  • /prefs - This will launch the Preferences window
  • /prune [x] - This can be used by only those that have ACP access and will prune all shouts older than [x] days. If no number is entered, a security message will pop-up so you do not accidently wipe the whole shoutbox. /prune 0 will remove all shouts.
  • /refresh - This will refresh the Shoutbox (useful if you have your refresh button hidden)
  • /unban [name] - This will unban a member from the Shoutbox (only moderators with correct permissions can use this command)